Friday, April 11, 2014


For the last few weeks I haven't felt like going out and about. Despite this I have been a little extravagant. It isn't often I treat myself to something indulgent and thanks to the wonderful world of the internet the shops came to me.
My first purchase was a lovely baby blue jumper from Dorothy Perkins and a couple pairs of leggings which don't count as my old ones have holes in them. Baby blue isn't really my colour but I'm really pleased with it and it was a bargain in the sale and I had discount count codes as well. It is so soft and huggable. I just hope it washes well.
My next treat was a coffee machine. I've been itching for one for ages and dropping little hints at Christmas. This is the high of extravagance as really what is wrong with sticking the kettle on? As I'm the only person in te house that really drinks coffee it is a gift just of me. I decided on a Dolce Gusto Melody.  I managed to find it at a bargain price along with a few discount codes. It came with a £10 off code for the Dolce Gusto online shop. So far I'm really pleased with it. The hot chocolate is especially yummy. If I remember I will try to do a proper review on here after I have explored all the yummy pods I've been buying.

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