Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Help I'm turning into my Mum.

I got a bit of a fright the other day. I happened to glance at a photo and though, ohh that me I can't remember going there. On closer inspection and to my horror (no offence Mum) it wasn't me but my Mum. This got me thinking about how I'm gradually morphing into her.

  1. I've started wearing scarves.  Not chunky warm scarves outside but flimsy fabric ones indoors.
  2. I've become to enjoy gardening.  It used to be a dread chore. 
  3. I got through everyones names before I get to the right one.
  4. I start a topic of conversation don't end it and start another.
  5. I now like handbags. I use to be a stick your money and card in your pocket person.
  6. And the handbag is full of tissues (mostly used), a loose mint and I can never find my keys.
I'm sure there are many more. I told John that I was turning into my Mum, his comment is unprintable incase she is reading this.

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