Sunday, April 27, 2014


My gorgous daughter is today. We have had a lovely day. This morning she (with lots of help from James) opened her presents. We got her a sand pit, James got her a bucket and spade, Grandma Greenaway got her a castle which has ball that spin round it, Grandad Dennis got her a interactive Noahs ark which James is using as a dock unloading cement. Grandad and Nanny came for dinner. They got her lots of clothes, as did Holly, Vic, Mum. Mum also got her a pushchair and doll. Col got her a babies bed and highchair which she has figured out already, even though dolly is upside down most of the time. It was lovely seeing Grandad and Nanny as we don't get to see them as offen as we like. 
Col, Marley, Grandma Dennis, Holly and 3 week old Beth came for tea. Penny had a lovely time playing, though she needed a nap mid way though. Tea was very yummy. James and Marley played at having babies. They were sticking teddies up their jumpers and having them. I think seeing Beth had an impact. Both of them had a little cuddle and stroke. James and Penny are now exhausted and tucked up in bed. 

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