Friday, April 18, 2014

Trying to Budget.

Just recently our food bill seems to have increased substantially. We have gone from doing a £60/£70 internet shop every 10 days with a few bits like inbetween. To £80/£90 a week with quite a lot inbetween. Much to John's dismay, it is time for action.
As a supply teacher there are periods where I don't get any work which means no pay. As the Summer 6 weeks holidays draws closer I find I have to try and budget otherwise I struggle to make ends meet. I'm not saying we are poor and can't afford food, but the days out and meals out stop, as do buying clothes and little treats like coffee machines.
To begin with I'm writing down our food and meals out spending. Looking at ways to cut back. Prehaps using internet shopping again, planning meals or making sure I stick to a shopping list.

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