Monday, April 21, 2014

Lovely Family Weekend.

We have had a super Easter weekend. On Thursday we visited Heckington windmill. A lovely place to visit for an afternoon. It had advertised a Easter egg hunt, but upon arriving it had been advertised wrong. The lovely lady ask James to find all the little mice hiding in the mill. James was brilliant at climbing up and down the steep ladders. Once he found all the mice the lady found him a little Easter egg, certificate and a badge. Since then James for bedtime story has been learning about how windmills work. I'm glad somethings stink in.
On Friday we visited Lincoln did a bit of shopping, got Penny's birthday present and had a lovely steak (which James is now liking). Then had a trip to see Grandma and Grandad. James was a bit of a grump but perked up when Grandma found him a tea set to play with.
On Saturday we wandering into Sleaford to pick up some secondhand clothes and a present for Penny. While walking round we went to the church and did an Easter story egg hunt, which James enjoyed so much he wanted to do it again. We also visited to National Craft Centre and had afternoon tea. They also had an Easter egg hunt, so James did that.
Sunday we had Grandad over for dinner. After dinner we did a mini Easter Egg hunt in the living. Penny sort of got the idea with a little help. James was far too good, we will have to make it harder next time.
James and Penny have been lovely all weekend. Sometimes I feel so lucky to have such well mannored and lovely children. They get on so well together. James looks after Penny all the time. When we did the Easter egg hunt he asked to man if Penny could have an egg. Penny absolutely adores James and follows him round and wants to go where ever he goes. It is James thats makes Penny laugh most and I often hear them in fits if giggles, so much I have to leave whatever I was doing to take a peek to see what is amusing them. I only hope that they are this fantastic as they grow up.

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