Friday, October 04, 2013

10 things I found a could do after having children.

As the title suggest, there are many things I am good at and I few things I excel at (sitting for example) this is a compilation of 10 things I can do now I've had children.

  1. Creating food monsters. I have become a master at turning a plate of food into funny faces and monsters, not because James won't eat, but because it makes him happy when he see it. 
  2. Became a master at play doh. Give me a blob of dough and I can create things that Henry Moore would be proud of. 
  3.  Multitasking. OK, before I had children I could multitask, but often I had a choice whether I wanted to or not. Now, I'm lucky if the multitasking only involves 2 things. It is a good thing I am an excellent juggler. 
  4. Actually like children programmes. I have discovered that they snare you in. You start just absentmindedly watch bits of a program while doing something else (multitasking see). Then, I find I'm watching the whole thing while multitasking. Now I'm sitting down purposely watching it, commenting and doing voices throughout the day. Darn you Peppa Pig.
  5. Go out semi-naked. I never would do this before children and given an option I would never do this after children. Called it forgetfulness or baby brain, but after feeding Penny I have been known to not do up my feeding bra. Poor postman. 
  6. Invent a noise for a giraffe and a camel. Thanks to Dear Zoo for this one. 
  7. Be a human climbing frame, digger, slide, horse etc.
  8. 4min Showers. After watching TV the other night about a woman's rehabilitation program where the women were only allowed a 2min showers. I time my shower time, 4mins. It is a rush in rush out job, with the door open so I can hear any yelling, screaming or crashing. Baths are classified as a luxury which I have to book in advance. 
  9. Cook. Before children cooking involved taking something out of the freezer and sticking it into the microwave or oven. Now I cook and bake from scratch. We may sneak in the odd frozen pizza here and there, but most the time we eat homecooked food.
  10. Smile and laugh. Yes, I smiled and laughed before, so number 10 is a bit of a cop out, but not to the same extent. James and Penny amuse me and make me laugh everyday.


Angela Spicer said...

Love the faces

Sam said...

Took me ages, you should see my melon monster.