Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fair Weather Crafter.

I am a fair weather crafter. I am one of these people who start something, go at it like mad and then drop it like a hot potato. It isn't just with crafts I'm like this with everything. I once had the idea that I would sand down all the doors in our rented house, 5 years later after we had already moved out, my boyfriend and I were frantically sanding and waxing doors before we handed the keys back. 5 years we managed to live in a house without doors, at least it saved us buying a baby monitor.
There have been many different things I have tried in the past and some I got really good at and even made money from.

  1. Knitting. One year everyone got scarves (the only thing I could knit) for Christmas.
  2. Candle making. Messy and there is such a thing as too many candles.
  3. Candle decorating. Was never very good at this, always look as if it was done by a 2 year old.
  4. Card making. (see candle decorating).
  5. Jewellery making. This I enjoyed, but since having my 2 children I haven't done any due to having sharp bits of wire pinging round the living. 
  6. Painting. I'm just not that skilled.
  7. Polymer Clay: Too much like play doh.
  8. Cake decorating. I can still whip up a fairly decent birthday cake. 
  9. Wine making. At one stage I had a dozen demi johns of wine in my bedroom. It did literally smell like a brewery. In the end I decided it was cheaper, quicker and tastier to pop to the shop and pick up a Blossom Hill.
  10. Fruit liqueur making. I still do this occasionally but it take too long and I'm too impatient to wait. 
  11. Glass fusing in a microwave kiln. I loved this, but as with the jewellery it is too unsafe with toddlers around. 
  12. Quilt making. In my wardrobe there are lots of little squares of what was James baby clothes waiting to be made into a quilt. I might do it for an 18th birthday present.
  13. Rug making. I have just remembered I still have an uncomplete one upstairs might have a go at it tonight.
  14. Bread Making. This is a fairly recent one. I found a used bread maker on Ebay. So far I have used it about twice, John has used it more than me. I forget to switch it on. Whoops.
My newest thing to start and perhaps not complete is upholstery. I brought a cheap chair off of Ebay and I am going to recover it. I watched a You Tube demo and it seems straight forward. So watch this space, it needs to be finished by Christmas.

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