Saturday, October 12, 2013

BzzAgent White 'N' Bright review

Thanks to the lovely people at BzzAgent a few weeks ago I was sent a load of Dylan White 'N' Bright samples to review. Dylan claim that White 'N' Bright will keep your whites as soft and white as the day you brought them. A claim that, I have say, I was skeptical about.
Firstly, White 'N' Bright is very simple to use, which is excellent if you are like me and just throw it in the machine. I don't even bother with conditioner. You just put a sheet in the drum with your washing and wash as normal. No faffing at all.
First in the tub for testing went my not so white, on their last legs, really should get some new ones, bras. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed not to bringing nearly new undies out of the washing machine, but I thinking a was hoping too much. They did look a little bright, but I wasn't overly impressed. Next went in James and Penny's bibs. Again I was disappointed in the fact there were still stain ridden, however Dylan does not claim to get rid of stains.
However, I have continued to use White 'N' Bright in every white wash and I have noticed a distinct improvement. My undies definitely are much whiter, as are my white vest tops and Penny's baby grows.
This is a product that need to used with new white stuff to keep white as opposed to me hoping that it will bring my grubby, graying whites back from the dead. I will be continuing to use Bright 'N' White and I might also treat myself to some new undies.

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