Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wonderful Wedding

Last Friday, we donned our glad rags for a family wedding. I think the excitment was a bit too much for James. He didn't sleep very well the night before and woke up too early in the morning. He was desperate to wear his suit, waistcoat, new shoes and look smart. Penny had a peach dress and looked cute as a picture. John scrubbed up nicely and I managed to find a new dress, which I felt good in.

The service was beautiful. The bride looked stunning and James behaved himself. We had images of him shouting out things, but John let him play with his camera to entertain him. While the photos were happening James and the other kids and a few adfults gorged themselves on the sweeties pick and mix bar. This was our downfall.

Bearing in mind that Penny has been ill for the last few days so it could have been a bug, but more than likely the pick and mix. Our child managed to throw up all down the table and John at dinner. Thankfully everyone at the table was really good about it. John dashed away to our room with James. I cleaned up the best I could and wolfed down my dinner before going to swap over with John. It was a good job we had a room to change and shower in. Quick change for both of them and we went back to the party. It could have been worst, he could have been ill on the bride.

The rest of the evening was great. We drank far too much and danced until my feet ached. Even John danced. James enjoyed running round with the other children. Penny had loads of cuddles from everyone.

For me one of the nicest parts was the morning after (despite feel rough). We all had breakfast together round a huge table. It was a lovely way to end a beautiful few days.

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