Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Penny. 6 things I miss about you already.

The 9 months of worrying and waiting for you to arrive seemed to take forever. Now you are 6 months old and it whizzed by so quickly. You have already grown and changed so much that I could write pages on it. However, I have limited myself to 6 things that I miss about you.

  1. The way you used to hold your ear to help you fall asleep.
  2. The way you curled up in a ball around my hand, while I was winding up.
  3. I miss having you in the Moses basket in our room, so I could just look at you.
  4. I miss your tiny baby cry, now you just yell.
  5. I miss you tucking your leg up, curling up and sleeping on my chest.
  6. I miss the hair you had when you was first born.

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