Monday, October 21, 2013

Cheap Tart

While James was nursery, I used the time (after facebook) to make my beetroot and goats cheese tart. It is so cheap (£1.60) and easy to make.

Shortcrust Pastry.
175g plain flour. (20p)
90g butter. (30p)
3 tbsp cold water.

Cooked beetroot (30p)
Goats cheese (can use brie or any soft cheese) (60p)
2 Onions (20p)
1 tbsp Sugar.

As you know, I'm not a fan of faffing about so I whizzed my pastry up in the mixer (shock horror) but it came out fine for us.
Chill pastry in fridge while you check facebook and have a coffee and biscuit. Roll out pastry and in my case spill flour everywhere. Put pastry in a flan dish. Blind bake for 20min covered then 10min uncovered.

In frying pan cook 2 onions until soft then add sugar keep stiring until they are brown. These go on top of the pastry case. Followed by sliced beetroot then crumbled goats cheese. I only used half a pack of cheese but stick what you like in.
Bake for 20mins.
Serve with chips or salad. It is also very nice cold the next day if it lasts that long.

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