Saturday, October 05, 2013

Wonderful Weaning

Well, the purees I made seem to be going down well. The damson especially, though I won't give her too much as it might upset her stomach. It was really easy to make.

Handful of damsons which are washed well. Boiled in an inch of water for 5mins. Let them cool and the skin peels off and mush out the stones. Probably best to counted the number of damsons so you know how many stones to find. It is a bit like hide and seek trying to find them. Then blend it all together, place in ice cube trays and freeze.
It has a lovely deep purple colour, which is fine until it gets splashed and smeared everywhere. You can mix the puree will a little baby rice and milk or water to make it go further.

Going to try mashed bananas next, but because I can't stand the smell of bananas this one for John to do.

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