Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First day at nursery.

The day has come that James is let out on his own, to face to world without his mum, dad, grannies and grandads.
Despite not wanting to fuss over him at the nursery door and prolonging the goodbyes, there was a natural instinct to hold and kiss him, sort his shoes, coat and jumper out. Fortunately,  the nursery has a leave them and the door policy and we (his dad came too on this momentous occasion) were herded out after a quick kiss and James was ushered in, leaving no time to fuss, cry or realise that we had been seperated.
Now I'm here, at home. Penny is in bed. 3 hours of peace. Time to do all those jobs I've been meaning to do but used the kids as an excuse. The house should be spotless and dinner should be a culinary masterpiece.
Think I might have a cup of tea and check facebook.

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