Monday, October 07, 2013

Ditching the Dummy

Penny is now nearing 6 months old, so it is time to ditch the dummy.  Penny is a constant dummy sucker. She is the Maggie Simpson of our family.

When I was first pregnant I was adamant that no dummy was ever going to pass the lips of my child, then James arrived. Less than a week and we gave in. We had dummies, spare dummies, emergency dummies and emergency emergency dummies. Peace (sort of) reigned and we were able to get a bit of much needed rest. We did try to limit its use to just at bed and nap time.

With Penny, we have just been plain lazy and when she starts to cry, though it isn't very often, the dummy is popped in to settle her, even James has taken to trying to force her to have the dummy.
James kicked the habit at 4 months, it only took a few night of controlled crying until he was able to self sooth himself to sleep. Hopefully it will be just as easy with Penny.

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