Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Games. Cereal box.

Ok. This is not strictly a Halloween games, but it is one of my favourites. It is hilarious and you get to find who is the bendiest, most flexible in the group. There are often some surprising moves happening and lots of falling on the floor. Any age group can play it. It is even more amusing after a bit of fizz.

It is very cheap and easy to do.

All you need is a little bit of space and a cereal box.

Preparation: Take cereal out of the box. Cut off top keeping the box as whole as you can.

Idea: Stand box upright in the middle.Without using hands, feet or any part of your body apart from your mouth, pick the box up. You must remind on your feet. Sitting or kneeling is not allow. After everyone has had a go, you cut off some of the box making it lower.

Winner: Last one standing. Players get knocked out if they can't do it, fall over, sit or knee down. I know someone who was able to suck just the bottom of the box off the floor. She was very bendy.

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